meOriginally from Long Beach, California, Jason Crawford is currently living in Quetzaltenango getting ready for his next project.

Over his time in Guatemala he took over a failing restaurant and hotel in Nebaj, Guatemala, turning it around and recently transferring its ownership to one of the employees, an indigenous woman. In addition to overseeing the business, he also worked as a mountain guide of the Cuchumantanes, mapping the region he traveled through in the process. He promises that he will eventually upload the GPS routes somewhere, we won’t hold our breath. If you really want to get a copy, send him an email.

He’s done other things since then, but really if you’re interested you should just talk to him; he likes meeting people.

Previously, he has studied classical piano, history, and biology. In between studies he has worked as a rock climbing guide, piano teacher and created, ran and grew an IT company, Firefix.