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“I know this guy, he has a diamond”

Okay, so our landlord (Edgar) called me last week and said he needed to talk business and that he’d be waiting for us in the intersection outside of village in 15. Right away I’m thinking he’s going to raise the rent or something. So we head over there and end up waiting half an hour […]

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A Guide to Hitchhiking in Guatemala

The case for hitchhiking in Guatemala: It may seem crazy to the uninitiated, but hitchhiking is by far my favorite way to get around Guatemala. It’s fast, it’s often free, and most importantly, it’s safer than the camioneta (chicken buses). This is where my readership collectively double takes. “Safer than buses? But what about kidnapping […]

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On the California wage increase, occupy, and PACs.

When running Firefix, my former IT business, I had the (most often) pleasure of meeting between 50 and 100 small business owners. Amongst all of them I never met a single one who considered minimum wage to be less than 10 dollars an hour, even when hiring temps from the local community college to stuff […]

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Popis, rich Americans, and the rational of hitchhiking in Guatemala.

My partner and soon to be hitchhiking accomplise Nassima helped to smooth over some human relations problems at Popis, specifically she was able to convince the employees that I was not in fact there to steal from them, that I was not inherently loaded with money simply by way of being a United Stater, and […]

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Popi’s – restaurant, hotel, and debt ridden shipwreck.

So I made it back to the States, Miami, Florida. It was a hard landing; coming back to a place so impersonal, where the gap between people was so wide. Cycling in Cuba I hadn’t a single negative experience with drivers, not even in Havana; bustling metropolis that it is. Taxi drivers would actually yield […]

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My first foray into both the world outside my own and photography. I went with the intention of meeting my family and cycling through the country, I found more than I expected. Initially I had intended on spending the majority of my time cycling and a minority meeting the family, but the opposite happened. Often […]

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a bit of history from the old blog

A very brief history of my time leading up to leaving the US. Taken and slightly edited from my former blog.   Our modern way of life is killing me. Sitting all day long hoarding nuts for the coming storm seems just a comfortable way of whittling the alarmingly short amount of time I have […]

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First post, old blog

Pulled from my old blog; I wrote this just days before leaving for Cuba. It is done. My gear is bought, my bike is prepped and I leave Thursday for Cuba via a 3 day bus ride from Los Angeles to Miami and a short plane ride from there. My Spanish is more rusted than […]

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