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First post, old blog

Pulled from my old blog; I wrote this just days before leaving for Cuba.

It is done. My gear is bought, my bike is prepped and I leave Thursday for Cuba via a 3 day bus ride from Los Angeles to Miami and a short plane ride from there. My Spanish is more rusted than rusty but I have a first aid kit; I’ll make it. At some point I’ll list out my gear, or at the very least I’ll intend on doing so for a minimum of 3 months. I’ll be starting from Havana and heading East, carving my way along the perimeter of the island by bicycle for as long as I can convince whatever bureaucrat I must to keep me visa’ed. I’ll be keeping a journal, taking copious amounts of photos, and uploading all of this to my blog whenever possible. Along the way I’ll be meeting most of my family for the first time, staying with them when possible.