In the summer of 2012 I travelled to Cuba to meet my family and cycle/motorcycle about.

smaller things

Somewhere around half of all photos I take are extreme close ups. It’s as though an entire universe of detail exists; only appreciated by the careful observer. Analogues of landscapes and all the organic beauty of this earth is hidden in every face. These are just a few of my favorites.

The Anthropologist and the Witch

In the beginning of April I picked up a gig photographing for an anthropologist (L) studying witchcraft in Nebaj, Quiche, Guatemala. Having lived in the city for 6 months by then and never having heard of brujaism, I wasn't expecting to find much. I had no idea what existed just beneath the surface.

The Region Ixil

I spent about 10 months living in Nebaj, Guatemala, turning a failing hotel/restaurant around. If you're ever there, stop by Popi's.

The Trial of Rios Montt

In 2013 Rios Montt became the first former head of state to be brought to trial for genocide domestically. The trial is ongoing.

Hitchhiking Guatemala

About 3 months into my life in Guatemala I hitched a ride on the back of a motorcycle. From that moment hitchhiking became my primary means of transportation in Central America. These are a few of the photos I gathered along the way.